NBA Players Have Competitions

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2020-05-04 00:42:31

Cheap MT 2K20 teams have rivals, NBA players have competitions. When it's somebody on your draft class in precisely the exact same position who was drafted a player or higher you had a scuffle with. There should be a 2x vc matches for rival gamers or teams. It was fun, I needed to dominate my competitions. Not certain how others feel but this was something I enjoyed.

Eliminate the interviews which have zero effect on NBA 2K20 or consumer experience. Boost the free service system - bring back the 2K16 style hang w gamers and have that increase the odds of bringing them into your group.

Stop putting fake players in your roster only so that shitty character actors can be in cutscenes that nobody watches (shammy wells? Justice young? Denver levins? Sarge?). Cut on the corny after school storylines. If you have to do cutscenes, create them fast 30 second things from the style of the foot locker something or commercials. Make practice something monotonous. Have it be such as 2KU design tutorials that actually help you, instead of repetitive drills. Have the championship really mean something it just feels like a different match, when it ought to be the culmination of your career.

AI certainly needs tweaked, on both sides of the globe. Wont go into detail cuz we all already know. The year is 2020. Sg v sg etc system for defending players, the pg v pg is obsolete. Drives me nuts I'm stuck seeing PG absolutely torch and guarding Beverly my weak link. Shoe founder requires a overhaul, although it was previously mentioned by another dude. Sneaker culture goes together with NBA 2K20 of basketball like it or not. Time to give kicks at the attention they deserve. Buy MT 2K20 from with good service and fast delivery.