Do I have to buy Instagram Views?

James Sokker
Joined: 2022-04-10 19:54:33
2022-04-10 20:17:32

Hi. Guys, help me please. I have IG account, where I'm often posting videos. But my reels have few views. Do I have to buy views to raise the popularity of the video?  

Endy Marrej
Joined: 2022-04-10 20:56:57
2022-04-10 21:14:14

Yes, I think you should buy instagram reels views, because videos with more views seem more attractive to other users. If another Instagram user sees that your video has only a handful of views, they’ll likely pass. On the other hand, many views will suggest that there might be something worth checking out in the video. It will make real users want to watch it.  Buying Instagram views means making your followers want to give your videos a chance.

Kate Snowson
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2022-04-10 21:25:24

You can’t know what’s going on in the video for sure until you click play. But why waste your time if the video is boring? And the way you will know if a video is boring or not is by taking a look at the number of views it has. If a video that’s been online for ages has only a handful of views, the chance is that it’s terrible. That’s exactly what’s going on through your followers’ minds when they run into a video made by you. So, you can buy views to promote your videos. 

Peter Taylor
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2022-04-14 13:07:42

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Svan Hilifield
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2022-04-16 10:53:43

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Liam Maison
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2022-06-01 18:07:01

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Tommy Sweet
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2022-06-16 07:39:02

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Rehnna Lioo
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2022-06-23 09:58:02

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