The other day my girlfriend went in for surgery. Luckily it was just a minor operation and everything went well.

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Whilst in the hospital waiting for her to go in for surgery we were sat in a little waiting area. It was kinda surreal because it was a mobile unit and felt as though we were in an airplane. Very strange.

Anyway, as we were waiting, people from the hospital kept walking back and fourth through the room we were sat in. You didn’t really take any notice of them as you could tell they were just orderlies or nurses

They were the sort of people who walked past and kinda ignored you. As if they didn’t feel they were good enough to say hello.

Taking notice

Then suddenly this guy starts walking down the corridor towards us. You instantly take notice of him because of the way he is walking.

He has his head held high, shoulders back and walked with real purpose. He looked very smart and well groomed. As he walked past he let out a very warm, “Hello” that instantly made you feel comfortable around him.

As he walked through into the other room, I turned to my girlfriend and said, “I take it that is your surgeon for the day”. Having already met him she could confirm that I was correct.

I had never laid eyes on this guy before. But because of the way he walked, talked and looked you could tell this guy was the main man. He had that amazing sort of attitude that said, “Ok the party can now start cos the main man has arrived.”

He was the sort of guy that would make you feel comfortable even though you or someone you know was about to have surgery. Something tells me that is a little harder to do that just trying to make a girl feel comfortable around you whilst you are talking to her.

Having Presence

IMAGINE for one second that this guy had walked down without this awesome persona. If he had come down with his shoulders slumped, head hanging and didn’t say hello in such a commanding voice. I would have probably passed him off as someone who was either having surgery or was here with someone else.

When I think back now, if you looked at the surgeon and stripped away his persona then, to be honest, he just looked like a normal guy. If you had seem him in the street then you would have probably thought he was some guy with a boring office job and just went through life without doing anything amazing.

How does this relate to you?

Take a leaf out of the surgeon’s book. Realise that the way you hold your body, the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress and how well you are groomed can make a huge difference to the way people perceive you.

The great thing is, all of these are things you can work on without going out and meeting women. You can just be in the comfort of your own home and make sure that you get the following things correct:

* Make sure you take the time to wash, groom and do your hair. Take the time to dress well. You should always take pride in the way you look. Not just for women and other people but for yourself. Remember the way you perceive yourself is more important than anyone else.

* Practice the way you talk. Make sure to speak with confidence and passion. Even when saying, “Hello”, you can still say it confidently and passionately. 

* Finally make sure that you practice walking as though you belong with the best. Because that is where you truly belong as long as you believe it yourself. Hold your head high, walk tall, shoulders back and have confidence in what you are saying.

Final Thought

These are basic things that you have complete control over. Yet a lot of guys don’t pay any attention to them even though that can make a serious difference to how women perceive you.

Make sure that you spend enough time on yourself to get the things that you can control sorted. It will definitely be worth the time and effort.