Choice of Online Marriage in Pakistan:

If you wish to have online marriage in Pakistan through a divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan you may contact Nazia Law Associates. In the Light of Online Marriage Procedure in Pakistan & Procedure of Online Marriage in Pakistan, Online Marriage in Lahore Pakistan is right of Every citizen of Pakistan. In contrast, the female's choice is limited only to the male of her religion. In Islam, the choice of selecting a spouse for online marriage in Pakistan through a divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan is limited only by religious consideration.

Tradition of Islam:

No limitations are placed as regards cultural or social status. Even the tradition of the Prophet (PBUH) supports this principle. According to this tradition, a woman complained to the Prophet (PBUH) that her father forced her to marry her cousin to raise his own status in the people's eyes. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) told her that she was free to dissolve her marriage and marry whoever she wished. The girl replied, "I accept my father's choice, but I aim to let women know that fathers have no right to stand in the way of marriage."

Western Jurists:

Divorce Some Western Jurists point out that in Islam, the right of the male spouse to divorce his wife by a mere unilateral declaration amount to discrimination. Whereas the husband can divorce his wife unilaterally without assigning any reason, the wife can seek divorce after online marriage in Pakistan through a divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan only through the courts and that too in a certain limited number of circumstances such as impotence, insanity, and abuse. The Prophet (PBUH) of Islam is known to have stated that of all the permitted acts, divorce is considered one of the two most reprehensible- the other being slavery.

Divorce Lawyer in Lahore:

In other words, the spouses after online marriage in Pakistan through a divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan can't live together under the dictates of the religion. It is submitted that a woman is not as helpless in divorce as is generally perceived in the West. Although _she does not have the unilateral right of divorce, like a man, a woman can obtain one through the court, a qazi, or an arbitrator.

Divorce by the Wife:

This procedure of obtaining a divorce by the wife is called 'Khula". According to this procedure, the wife may seek a divorce in place of forgoing or returning if she has received the 'Mahr or the bridal money ' unless the husband voluntarily forgoes this. Further, to mitigate rash conduct on the part of the husband, the Quran and the Sunnah have made provisions for cases where a man pronounces divorce and then regrets it. Accordingly, the divorce does not become binding immediately on its pronouncement but remains valid for three months. The parties can seek reconciliation and revoke the divorce (this is known as revocable divorce).

Islamic ethos:

 In fact, the Islamic ethos encourages husband and wife to save their online marriage in Pakistan through a divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan, uphold the family institution, and save the children from the hardships that are the natural consequences of broken homes. To avoid hasty decisions, the Quran recommends arbitration in such cases, intending to bring about reconciliation between the parties and save time marriage, if that is at all possible. To prevent the divorce from being given on flimsy grounds, Islam also prohibits re-marriage between the same divorced couple without intervening in marriage by the wife. Our Top Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan is here for legal services of Online Marriage.