The ability of biotechnology to create innovative ways to treat and prevent diseases and human conditions has taken an important place in the pharmaceutical industry. As a result, investors have started seeing it as an interesting opportunity, and biotech stocks are today a popular stock in the stock market. 

Are you looking for a Canadian biotechnology company to invest in 2021? We have prepared a list of 5 companies for you. Take a look -

1. Bright Minds

Bright Mind is a biotechnology company that develops and creates next-generation therapeutics focused on brain conditions and mental health. Their new chemical entities (NCEs) have qualities to treat seizures, pain and neuropsychiatric disorders. 

Bright Minds has scientists with expertise in psychedelic compounds, using which they create and modify molecules. Their solutions are focused on reducing the side effects of the drugs and enhance the therapeutic properties.

Bright Minds has recently registered in the Canadian stock market, and with patented product candidature in the market, it shows a bright future to the investors. 

2. Cyclica

Cyclica is a biotechnology company based in Toronto, Canada, and has offices in the UK and Boston. With the combined expertise of biologists, chemists, computer scientists, and pharma professionals, Cyclica is working towards making medicines easily accessible to patients. 

Cyclica is partnered with many different organizations, including AstraZeneca, University of Toronto, etc., and their commitment to collaboration is what makes finding solutions to diseases easy and quick. 

3. Fusion Pharmaceuticals

Back in the day, cancer was a sort of disease people feared to speak of, but with new technology and advances in medicine, we find its treatment quite affordable today. But new advances are still being made in the field to ensure more successful treatment of cancer. Fusion Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company working on cancer treatment by targeting selective tumour cells. 

While mainstream cancer treatment comes with numerous side effects, Fusion Pharmaceuticals are looking forward to find out evolutionary ways of treatment that will improve the lifestyle of cancer patients. 

4. Resilience Biotechnologies

The Canadian government announced its willingness to invest C$199.16 million in Resilience Biotechnologies in 2021 - which will change the capacity of domestic biomanufacturing during the times like COVID-19.

With the support of investors and partners, Resilience Biotechnologies is looking forward to modernized manufacturing that will accelerate the manufacturing and development of medicines and have more production. 

5. BlueRock Therapeutics

BlueRock Therapeutics works towards reversing diseases with the help of authentic cellular medicines for the improvement of the human condition altogether. Bluerock Therapeutics’ cell+gene targets mature and differentiated cells, and with the help of advanced engineering, they try to enhance the therapeutic properties of the cells. 

The cell+gene platform focus on therapeutic areas like cardiology, neurology, and immunology. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has made tremendous changes in the growth of drug and research aspects of biotechnology industries. Financial experts have announced how biotechnology stocks in Canada performed exceptionally well in 2020 and now are continuing to excite the investors in 2021. 

But regardless, biotech stocks remain to be tricky still. Whether or not investing in biotech stock will provide you with rewards lies mostly with the result of clinical trials of a drug candidate.