Data visualization, as the name only suggests, is the visual representation of data. It represents the insights of a chart or graph. In business, this kind of visualization helps in making better data-based decisions.

Let me tell you that data visualization is a lot like architecture. The person preparing data visualization has to figure out how to display the data; you need to consider many things like trends, patterns, and important pieces of information when preparing data visualization.

When preparing the coolest data visualization, you also have to consider the user and thus prepare a clear data visualization.

What is a data visualization tool?

The tool helps the data visualization designers to create visual designs out of large sets of data. When a designer is dealing with data that has got hundreds of points, data visualization tools come to your rescue in such a situation. It makes the job of the designer very easy.

The data visualization tools are very important and are used for various purposes like dashboards, making annual reports, sales reports, and much more. It is the best method of interpreting information quickly.

Data Visualization is one of the means of the information science measure, which expresses that after the information has been gathered, handled, and displayed, it should be envisioned for ends to be made.

It is additionally a component of the more extensive information show design (DPA) discipline, which intends to recognize, find, control, organize and convey information in the most effective manner conceivable.

The best apparatuses likewise can yield a variety of various outline, chart, and guide types. The greater part of the apparatuses underneath can yield the two pictures and intelligent charts.

There are special cases for the assortment of yield models, however. Some information perception apparatuses center around a particular kind of diagram or plan and do it quite well. Those apparatuses additionally have a spot among the "best" instruments out there.

Features of standard data visualization tools:

If you are thinking of getting one of the best visualization tools for your business, then you are in the right place. This post will discuss some of the common features that the best of the data visualization tools has. It will help pick up the best data visualization tool.

The standard data visualization tools are easy to use. They have excellent documentation and tutorials that even a newbie with no experience will easily use the tool.

The best tool can also easily handle a huge amount of data, even multiple data, with a single visualization tool.

Here are some of the best ways to use data visualization tools in the best way:

  • Sankey Diagrams to show the flow

Sankey Diagram are very helpful to show the flow in system especially to show the enery flow. Its use has been increase tremendously as people are getting aware of its usefulness. Sankey Diagrams are very easy to build if you use tools which does not require any coding. You can create Sankey Diagram in Excel and Google Sheets.

  • Line chart display trends

I am sure that you must have heard about the line chart. It is a popular way of data visualization in the world of business. The line chart very swiftly demonstrates all the trends, especially if you are trying to demonstrate a certain change in trend over some time.

For example- with the help of a line graph you can easily show the sales report of a certain product affected by a certain age group of people during a certain time.

  • Bar charts break things down easily.

When you have to compare two or more two products with a representation of different colour codes, then visualization data in the bar chart is the best. The contrast colours will help distinguish one slot of data from the other, and thus, guys will understand it better.

  • Column charts for representing side by side value

If you want to compare two slots of data over a certain duration of time, say for a week, month, or a year, then you can use the column chart. Thus, you will be able to compare and represent the changes occurring over a period of time.

Say, for example, you can compare a series and its views trend over a period of time. Sure, it will not give out too much information, but still, the column charts with side-to-side bars will represent the fact that how the views have changed with each season.

  • Pie charts will clearly show the proportions

The pie chart is round in shape, and it is mostly about representing how much portion each value makes up as a whole. It is a bit more of a task than just listing the percentage to make it a total of 100%.

If you are trying to find out whose contribution is highest in a certain thing, the pie chart helps figure that out with the help of the ratio factor as it represents the biggest leads in the chart.

Say, for example, that you are looking for which tool is best for promotion on a digital platform, then you use this pie chart and use the one that shares the largest portion on the pie chart.

Note- When creating a pie-chart, make sure that there are not more than 6 categories, or else the pie-chart will be too crowded, and the results will not be too accurate.

  • Pivot tables to represent key figures.

Pivot tables are best when it comes to extracting the key figures quickly so that you can see the exact numbers. The "Pivot" part portion of the table stems from the way that you can turn (or turn) the information in the table to see it's anything but an alternate point of view.

All things considered, you're not adding to, deducting from, or in any case changing your information when you make a rotate. All things considered, you're essentially rearranging the information so you can uncover valuable data from it.


Lastly, make sure that whatever form of data visualization you go by, remember to make it accurate and effective. The software that you use for data visualization must be able to interact with your data effectively.

Overall, the best data visualization tools must be able to able to handle whichever data source that you throw at it. Good Luck!

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