Easy to grow and easy to clone . The plants make thick strong stems and get branchy in a tight formation. Blue Cheese will triple in height during bloom.
Very informative e-mail, and good followup.
All our seeds are pre-tested. and we mean ALL seeds from all strains. Every single seeded mother plant has been tested for perfect germination prior to sale. This ensures that there are no "bad batches".
January 13, 2019 by Kevin Walker.
10 seeds for $105 $85.
Shaking Water Changes the pH: When checking and adjusting pH, some growers like to shake their water container to make sure everything is evenly mixed. This works well, and roots love the extra dissolved oxygen, but it’s important to understand that after shaking the nutrient water for a long time, the additional dissolved oxygen will raise the pH of the water. Don’t worry about this – don’t retest then readjust the pH cannabis seeds.