Are you tired of washing your own utensils during the multiple lockdowns we have collectively experienced? Or is washing dishes by hand just cumbersome and takes up way too much of your time?

Well, buying a dishwasher might be the optimum solution for you and your family.

Dishwashers are machines that clean utensils automatically by spraying hot water, usually between 45 and 75 °C. Once considered a luxury indulgence, dishwasher prices in India have become more economical in recent years, more so during the pandemic. Buying a Dishwasher is also a suitable decision for elderly people who have lost access to help due to lockdowns, Covid diagnosis etc.

So what factors should you consider while buying a dishwasher? Look no further, we have all the details for you. 

Free-Standing Vs Built-In

When it comes to buying dishwashers, you have two choices – free-standing or built-in. Free-standing dishwashers are considered more popular, are flexible in design, and can fit in small kitchen spaces. While built-in dishwashers, like the name suggests, are built into a kitchen and can be installed under the kitchen counter. Both dishwasher prices in India are comparable and completely depend on your needs as a customer.

Size & Capacity

Choosing the right sized dishwasher is important. A standard dishwasher approximately measures to be 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 35 inches high. Buying this dishwasher is ideal for a large family of 6 to 8 members. Dishwasher price in India is also determined by its capacity. The capacity of a standard dishwasher is measured by how many complete 5-piece table settings can fit during a normal wash, the average is about 12 place settings.

Noise Factor

The noise factor, or more accurately, the decibel rating can affect your experience of your dishwasher. Buying a dishwasher of dBA more than 60 will mean it will interrupt your dinner conversation, which isn’t ideal. A lower range of around 38 or 40 dBA is considered a silent model, meaning that the dishwasher can run any time during the day or night – without any disruptions.

If you’re looking to buy dishwasher, these steps can help you find your perfect choice. Remember while dishwasher prices in India can be a little steep, they will help you cut down on other utility bills in the long run.