Depression and mental illness are health issues that need more attention. We have been very attentive about our physical health but neglect the mental health issues. As a result, the world has more than 264 million people suffering from depression. 

Psychedelic drugs emerged as a hope to heal this common mental health issue. 

Depression has become a common illness, and people from all age groups are affected by this. The symptoms and the tenure of mental illness are not the same in all people. Doctors prescribe antidepressants to patients suffering from depression. These antidepressants have side effects like lack of sleep, weight issues, mood swings, and others. According to new researches, Psychedelic drug shows hope to heal depression without or with minimal side effects. Let’s know more about it; 

Psychedelic drugs as Antidepressants

Mental illness and depression is an emerging health problem. Many people consider depression as a fluctuation of emotions. Though the up and down in emotions can spoil our day, depression is much deeper than this. But the failure of modern medicine to cure mental illness is a more severe issue.

Modern science is still looking for better ways to treat the issues related to mental health. A few biotechnology companies like Bright Minds Biosciences is researching psychedelic drugs to understand their effects on depression, and the results are positive so far. 

Imperial College London’s study on the use and effects of psilocybin on depression also shows some positive results on mental illness. Another study on adults with major depression showed some impressive effects on patients. So the component seems to be a game-changer as antidepressants. 

The present antidepressant drugs have two significant problems; first is side effects and second short-term relief. The therapy with psychedelic offers long-term relief with no side effects. In a few cases, the treatment period will be shorter too. 

Will Psychedelic Drugs be Successful? 

In the present lifestyle, people are stressed, under pressure to perform at work, manage work-life balance, and lead a successful life. So the rate of depression is likely to rise. Apart from the mentioned reasons, there are many more factors that can be a reason for mental illness or depression. The world needs an effective drug that can cure mental illness without any side effects. The research team of Bright Minds Biosciences has developed drugs that are under trial on MDD (Major Depression Disorder) patients. 

The neuroscience community considers psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms), lysergic acid diethylamide (found in LSD), and dimethyltryptamine as ‘serotonergic psychedelics’. People out of the community don’t believe that the compounds present in magic mushrooms and LSD can work as antidepressants. But their performance in research and early trials looks promising. The use of psychedelic drugs will help the psychiatrist treat the mental illness at an early stage. 

The Bottom Line 

Bright Minds Biosciences is working to develop advanced treatments for mental illness with the help of psychedelic drugs. The approval of the drugs will bring a revolution in psychedelic therapy and we can have healthy minds around us.