It is obvious that parents would want their children to study in the best high school in Vancouver. Studying at a private high school would give children a great competitive advantage. This is why parents look for the top high school. Once a few schools are shortlisted, then there must be criteria based on which one of the schools can be chosen. This guide will help you in the process of shortlisting. 

Criteria to help select the best school

The following are the criteria to help you choose the best high school in Vancouver from the schools you have shortlisted.

1) Quality education

The best high school in Vancouver would offer quality education. To decide if the school is capable of offering quality education, it is important to check the facilities and infrastructure available. The availability of classrooms, laboratories, and a library can help decide if the school can offer quality education. The availability of qualified and experienced teachers is another criterion that needs to be evaluated. 

2) Recognition and partnerships

Approval from the Ministry of Education, BC ensures that the school is authorized. This ensures the high school diploma is approved. Partnerships with other technical institutions and universities will help add value to a student’s education.

3) Teaching methodology

The best high school in Vancouver would use innovative teaching methodologies to enhance the quality of learning. While choosing schools, one must try to find out what changes are made in the curriculum to make learning effective and what teaching methodologies are used. To find this out, it is important to talk to the teachers in the school.

4) Classroom size

The best schools would have a smaller classroom size. This ensures teachers can provide individual attention to students to help them improve. This will particularly benefit weaker students.

5) Personality development

A good private high school should not only focus on academics but should also offer a range of activities to help students improve their personality. The use of field trips and conducting student club activities can help students gain life skills. This would help in overall personality development of the student.

6) Career preparation

A good school would help students prepare for their future careers. This is done through different ways like:

• Additional courses to help students earn college credit.

• AP program to help students in their college admission and to gain college credit.

• Career counsellor to help students make a career plan and put it in practice.

It is important to find out if all of the above are available before choosing the school.

7) Fees

Lastly, the fees charged by different schools can be compared before making a final decision.

All the criteria given above will help in evaluating different schools. As a result of this evaluation, it would be easy for you to choose the best high school in Vancouver for your child. The decision you take can change your child’s future and hence it is important to do a proper evaluation using specific criteria.