Whether you are just starting out as a hairdresser or you are a seasoned pro looking at opening your very own salon, there are some essential tools you need to have in your hairdresser kit in order to make sure you can meet every client’s needs and have them walk out of your salon feeling fabulous with their new hairdo. This article will list some of the essential hair salon supplies, make sure you have them all!

This is arguably the most important essential that every hairdresser needs in their kit! It may seem obvious but some of you might not know that there are different types of shears you need to cut the perfect style. Firstly, make sure you have all-purpose shears in your kit. There are varying sizes, and we recommend you have them all. For precision cutting, a shorter shear of about 13 cm will work best. For the more complex cuts, where you need to do large sectioning, deep texturizing, or compressed cutting, we recommend you use shears that are about 15 – 17 cm long. Having a blending shear in your kit is also vital! If you want to reduce the weight or volume of someone’s hair or need to soften lines and add controlled texture to the hairstyle, a blending shear will be your best companion in getting the job done seamlessly.

Lightweight yet Powerful Blow Dryer
A hairdresser without a hair dryer can hardly be called a hairdresser! Every hairstylist needs one, it is the second most essential component in your hairdressing kit. We recommend you use a hairdryer that has a lot of power to speed up drying time and leaves hair looking shiny and frizz free! However, make sure that the blow dryer you choose does not weigh too much. You are already on your feet all day; you do not want to feel like you are weightlifting as well!

Flat Iron
A flat iron is essential to accommodate all your styling needs. Make sure you have a high-quality flat iron in your kit! The better the quality the more versatile styles you can create. The right flat iron will also allow you to curl hair.

Brushes & Combs
Different brushes and combs all serve important purposes! A paddle brush is great for quick and safe detangling. Make sure you get yourself a comb set; having a variety of different combs will allow you to explore a vast array of cutting styles and you will be able to create more daring hairstyles. A round thermal brush is also absolutely essential to create the perfect blowout.

A Selection of Salon Quality Products
Make sure you stock your salon with at least four or five different salon approved brands, this will give your clients a selection to choose from and could boost the profits of your hair salon.

Be sure to find hair salon suppliers in South Africa that can supply you with all the hairdressing essentials!