Bright Minds biosciences is working on the new generation of medicine for mental health. Mental health issues are an age-old problem, and in recent years it has been increased rapidly. People suffering from schizophrenia, impulsive control disorder, and addiction need more effective medicines. Many psychotropic drugs are available to help patients with mental disorders. However, their side effects are severe.

It's difficult for patients that are already battling mental issues to handle the side effects of the drugs. These side effects can be weight gain, sleep disorder, blurred vision, or a few others. Due to the side effects of medicines, the patients stop taking the medicines, and their conditions become worse. Therefore some medicines are required that can heal mental health without any side effects. Bright Minds Biotechnology is developing some highly effective medicines to cure mental diseases without any side effects.

Bright Minds Biotechnology has a few of its projects in the late pre-clinical phase, and a few are in the early pre-clinical stages. The medicines from the biotechnology company seem promising and a game-changer in the psychotropic drugs segment. Bright Minds is working on the medicines to cure Undisclosed Seizure Disorder, Opioid User Disorder, Binge Eating Disorder, Alzheimer's, Depression, PTSD, and Undisclosed Chronic Pain Disorder. Let's dig a bit more to understand the science this company uses to make medicines and help humankind.

Bright Minds Biotechnology's Approach to Solve Brain Health

Have you ever looked at the brain's image? It looks complex, isn't it? Internally it's even more complex, and it bears the load of most of the activities we do. It controls all the emotions we feel, from pain to happiness. A healthy brain is essential to lead a healthy life. The brain has a complex collection of neurons that are connected through an electrical circuit. The brain cells pass the message to all neurons through these circuits. Hormones like Serotonin play an important role in keeping the brain healthy.

Generally, the imbalance of Serotonin is the main cause of mental health-related issues. The Serotonin (5T receptors) regulates moods, anxiety and feeling like happiness or pain. Dysfunction of Serotonin is associated with different other diseases like pain disorders, neuropsychiatric, and seizures. When the hormone's level get down the patient experience depression, and its high level leads to some physical health issues like diarrhea. Nausea and sleep disorders also can cause because of the lack of this hormone.

Bright Mind's neuroscientists' team is working to develop the next generation drugs to control Serotonin. Currently, a few drugs are available for mental health patients, like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The drugs prevent the re-uptake of unspecific hormones. It helps but also has a few side effects. The biotechnology company is working to develop a medicine that can target a specific receptor so that the side effects will be less and healing will be more effective.

New drugs will focus on bringing a balance of the hormone in the brain to function well. The reduction in side effects will help the patient to feel healthy when they are on medication. Overall, the new generation medicines from Bright Minds Biotechnology have much expectation.