If the thermometer is dropped, the calibration should be continued

  People also ask, what is the most accurate way to calibrate a bimetal thermometer?

  The bimetal stem thermometer is calibrated using the freezing point method. Calibrate the thermometer regularly. After using the thermometer with very hot or very cold food, or after dropping it or shaking it, perform the calibration. In a clean styrofoam cup, make ice water with ice cubes filled with snow water halfway through the cup and mix with the rest of the water.

  Similarly, how often should a bimetallic thermometer be calibrated? If the thermometer is dropped, the calibration should be continued. If the thermometer goes from a wide range of temperatures (from severe cold to boiling temperature), it should also be calibrated more frequently. Every time you invest in a new thermometer, calibrate it before using it.

  So, how do you calibrate the Pressure type thermometer?

  Put the tip of the probe into ice water, making sure that there is no contact between the tip of the probe and the container of water. Stir the probe slowly in ice water. 5. After waiting for the display to stabilize, rotate the Pressure type thermometer with one hand until the display can be seen.

  How to restore the accuracy of the pressure gauge factory's bimetal thermometer?

  When they are dropped, impacted, or subjected to drastic temperature changes, they may lose accuracy. You can restore the accuracy of most bi-metal thermometers by adjusting them, which is called "calibration".