You can get replacement combine concaves for your combine harvester either from the manufacturer or you can look for aftermarket concaves. Their replacement concaves can be used for different types of combines, including those manufactured by the John Deere company and Case IH. Getting such a good quality combine concave can be very beneficial for farmers. These concaves offer a number of benefits, with the most important one being that it helps in solving the problem of rotor loss.

About the concaves

The replacement combine concaves are aftermarket parts that are available for most of the combine harvesters manufactured by John Deere and Case IH companies. These concaves come with threshing concaves having perforated cover plates with separator grates. The concaves can be used for the harvesting of multiple crops. This ensures the farmer need not use different concaves for different crops. The crops that can be harvested include soybeans, corn, wheat, oats, canola, chickpea, beans, sesame, sunflower, rye, and many more.

Features of the concaves

The following are the features of the aftermarket replacement combine concaves that make it so beneficial for farmers.

• One set of concaves can be used to harvest any type of crops.

• There is no requirement of changing concaves while harvesting different crops. 

• The concaves have perforated cover plates that enhance the combine’s capabilities.

• Rotor loss can be stopped by using these concaves.

• The concaves ensure an increase in capacity and more than 70% capacity can be increased.

• Problems that are commonly seen during harvesting like cracks and splits can be reduced.

• The ground speed of the combine is faster by around 2 to 3 miles per hour. This enhances the performance of the combine harvester.

• It is capable of harvesting more than 5000 bushels of crops per hour.

• The problem of whitecaps and pods in the harvest can be solved.

• The life span is enhanced 3 x, thus enhancing performance and durability.

• Downtime, which is a common problem can be eliminated by using these concaves.

• The rotor speed can be run slower, which can help in solving crop loss problem.

• The grain tank gets a cleaner harvest.

• The harvesting speed is increased leading to higher productivity.

• It helps in improving sales revenue.

These concaves work like small-wire concaves while harvesting but have a higher capacity as compared to round-bar concaves. This ensures that the harvester can produce a higher yield of harvest. Along with increased yield, there is cleaner yield. This ensures improvement in both quantity and quality of the harvest. This allows farmers to make more money, thus helping them in their quest for increased profitability. 

The slowing down of the rotor and the use of perforated plates ensure maximum threshing. It cushions the crop and ensure a better quality yield. 

It is beneficial for farmers to get aftermarket concaves when they need replacement combine concaves. These concaves have a range of features that offer various benefits for farmers. These benefits allow farmers to improve their yield and quality, thus enhancing profitability.