Neuropsychiatry is a branch of medical science that studies mental disorders related to the nervous system. Some of the common neuropsychiatric disorders include seizures, attention deficit disorders, uncontrolled anger, migraine, addictions including that to social elements, depression (from mild to moderate to severe). Neuropsychiatric disorders can vary widely in children in clinical presentation and severity. One of the most important neuropsychiatric disorders is major depressive disorder (MDD). The person having this may experience prolonged and deeper, intense feelings of sadness for a long time period. It can have a large effect on various factors such as mood, sleep, and also your daily activities. Major symptoms include a depressed mood, loss of interest, insomnia, weight changes, etc. Many pharmaceutical companies and research institutions have been studying the cure for MDD with the stocks available.

The levels of serotonin have to play a major role in depression. Scientific studies indicate that a decrease in serotonin levels can cause depression. So, if we can induce serotonin agonism, that is, administer any chemical compound to the patient at a significantly safer level and increase serotonin level, then this can be a cure for patients with MDD. This is where the research on psychedelic by different psychedelic company stocks rings the bell.

Psychedelics and depression 

Psilocybin is a significant psychedelic substance found in magic mushrooms. The link is found in depression's serotonergic pathogenesis. Serotonin is the 'happy hormone,' or the hormone that maintains a pleasant mood, whereas depression produces the opposite. Therefore, by accelerating serotonin agonism, depression can be treated. This explains why the company employs psychedelics. The company makes use of the 5HT2A receptors. The previously identified disadvantage was that the drugs acted on both 5HT2A and 5HT2B receptors. Bright Minds Biosciences' design aids in targeting 5HT2A and 2C receptors, accelerating the action and eliciting the desired therapeutic effect.

Brights Minds Biosciences and their relevance

Bright Minds Bioscience includes a group of eminent scientists who conduct research on the serotonergic system and its actions to determine the pharmacological effects they have on the human body. They develop or modify pre-existing chemical structures/compounds for therapeutic properties based on the study's findings, highlighting their benefits. The psychedelic company stocks are intended to alleviate a specific population's condition, resulting in a beneficial and broad approach. This has the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of patients who are depressed.

In short, Bright Minds Biosciences can create a new revolutionary path in the field of neuropsychiatry with their innovative researches.