Psychedelic stocks are getting very popular right now. They are considered to be speculative and overpriced. The major reason for people going towards these stocks is because of the increased importance given to mental health. Psychedelic stocks arising because of the approved drugs for the treatment of depression and mental health. Depression is a very common disorder in the world. Doctors feel that there is a strong link between loneliness and depression and also drug overdose. 
Let us look at a few psychedelic stocks that are extremely beneficial for you and can make your investment portfolio skyrocket. 
1. The first one would be Mind Med. This has one of the biggest and diversified portfolios of psychedelic drugs in clinical development and those which are in the research and development fees. They announced that they would establish a digital medicine division. This will develop and build a very integrated technology platform and comprehensive toolkit, which will be aimed to deliver psychedelic-inspired medicines.
2. The next one would be 20/20 Global. This is a very newcomer in the psychedelic field. This will focus on the psychedelic space as it is a majority-owned subsidiary of another company. It specializes in evidence-based research by studying open individual physiotherapy using psychedelic medicines. 
3.    Compass Pathways is based in the United Kingdom and has synthesized investigational formulation. The biggest beat that this has is that they have a patent. They are testing a synthetic form of drug as a therapy for depression. Most of the other organizations are just testing organic versions of this drug. This organization is in the development stage but it is said that it will be highly popular. 
4. Numinus Wellness is a Canadian organization that has been given access and license by Health Canada to extract and cultivate naturally sourced and sustainable psilocybin. According to the organization, it is the only publicly treated organization in Canada that is actually allowed to do so. It is allowed to import, possess, test, distribute and also export all the drugs. It aims to make psychedelic-assisted physiotherapy accessible to health centers all across the world.
Choose Bright Minds for Psychedelics Stocks:
Psychedelics stocks offer an emerging investment opportunity. You can invest in all of them and reap good returns. These are the new hit and you can mint a lot of money from them. All the organizations which are going public and are dealing in psychedelic drugs make very big money. The competition amongst all the pharmaceutical companies is huge. 
In order to get into the market of psychedelic stocks, you need to research a lot and then come up with the company with the best kind of portfolio which suits your profile. Our team with their decades of experience in the biology of the serotonergic system realizes the upshot specific receptors have on our body. Accordingly, at Bright Minds, we create new and transform existing molecules to cut unnecessary side effects and accentuate positive curative properties.