If you are planning to make a Spirit Airlines booking, here are a few facts that you must know about the airline. 

  • Spirit Airlines is a low-fare carrier - While some airlines offer expensive ticket fare, Spirit airlines focus on providing maximum comfort and safety at a cost-effective budget. They might not offer many complimentary services, but still, you have the opportunity to eliminate your travel expenses and save more money. 
  • Spirit Airlines are known for its extensive customer service plans - Customer care services should be a prime concern for every airline and based on the way they treat their customers represents the reputation of the airline in the aviation industry. Passengers have got every right to look for assistance on their flight-related matters. Over the years, Spirit Airlines have worked really hard to improve their methods of handling customer’s grievances and providing appropriate solutions in the best possible manner. 
  • The seats on Spirit Airlines are pretty large and comfortable - While flying, the first thought that comes to mind is how seats are going to be on the plane, especially during long-hour flights? Well, on Spirit Airlines, you don’t have to worry about your comfort. Spirit Airlines’ seats are reclining and super comfortable and have extra legroom making it suitable for passengers to sleep and travel with peace of mind. 
  • The airline only allows a personal item - While flying on Spirit Airlines, you can carry one personal item such as a purse, handbag, laptop bag, diaper bag, small backpack, etc for free. However, there are additional charges for carrying carry-on and checked bags. The baggage depends on your destination and the size of the baggage. 
  • There are no complimentary food and drinks - Passengers who have made Spirit airlines booking will have to pay for buying the food and beverages during the flight. The airline may offer low-fare flight tickets but no complimentary snacks. On the airline’s official site, you can check the in-flight menu and make a pre-meal and drinks selection so that there is no shortage of your desired cuisine on the plane.
  • Advance seat selection is available - Spirit Airlines allows its flyers to make an advanced seat reservation of their choice. However, if anyone does not choose their preferred seats, the airline will randomly assign the seats, so it’s better to pay a fee and buy your window seats. 
  • Spirit Airlines frequent flyer program - Passengers flying on Spirit Airlines can sign up for their frequent flyer program for free and earn points on flight bookings and other purchases. You can also redeem your earned points and save money.

Well, these were some fun facts about the airline. If you want to consider their services for your travel needs, go to the Spirit airlines book a flight option on the site. Try to book advance flight reservations, you may get the cheapest flight deals and discounts on vacation packages.

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