The combine harvester is farming equipment that has revolutionized farming. Harvesting is the end process of farming where the results of all the hard work done can be seen. The crop harvested is sold to generate revenue. Harvesting is a time-consuming process that requires a lot of labor. The harvester allows this work to be done easily saving time and manpower. This is one of the major advantages of using combine harvester in farms. Apart from this, there are many other advantages that are described here.

What is the combine harvester?

Before getting into the advantages of using combine harvester, it is important to know more about this equipment. The combine harvester is equipment that can be driven in the farm. It has a front section that can help cut crops. The crop that is collected can then be separated from the stalk. The crop harvested can be collected in a tank.

The Benefits of The Harvester

The many advantages of using combine harvester listed below explain why it is such useful equipment for farmers:

1) Three processes that form a part of harvesting, namely reaping, winnowing, and threshing are all combined together. Using the harvester, all these three processes can be done easily and effectively. 

2) The harvester is not meant for only one type of crop. By using the right accessories, the same harvester can be used to harvest more than one crop. Whether a farmer harvests wheat, corn, barley, oats, rye, soybean, sorghum, or sunflower you can use the same harvester. This allows farmers to grow multiple crops and harvest them using the same equipment. 

3) Since the equipment is used, it reduces the number of people needed for harvesting. All that is required is the harvester with an operator to control it and drive it on the farm. The savings in manpower is one of the main advantages of using this equipment.

4) Apart from saving manpower, there is a huge advantage in terms of time saved. What would take many hours or even days can be done very fast thanks to the use of machinery. The time saved can be used for other productive activities.

5) Manual harvesting is cumbersome and the likelihood of crop loss due to improper reaping is always there. The use of equipment helps to ensure the crop harvested is of the best quality with cleaner grain obtained. It also ensures higher productivity. So, both the quantity of crop harvested as well as the quality can be improved.

6) All the above can help a farmer generate higher revenue from farming activities. The savings in labor and time when added to this ensures that the overall profit would be higher. Farmers can expect higher returns for the effort they put, thanks to the use of this equipment. 

The combine harvester is undoubtedly an important piece of equipment for farmers. The multiple advantages of using combine harvester as explained above would have helped you understand its importance. The investment you make can help increase your profitability multi-fold.