Who are we?

Bright Minds Biosciences is a start-up in the field of pharmaceuticals, dealing with neuropsychiatric disorder management through biotechnologically developed drugs.

As a biotechnology company, we enforce the ideas and experiences of our experts into disruptive innovation, to lead the path of mental health-associated disorders.

Why mental health?

In the twenty-first century, our fast-paced lifestyle has caused a toll on the brain functions of all generations, and various undiscovered or rarely known disorders have sprung up. While society is still on the path of accepting mental health seriously, we want to identify the scientific cause of patients’ disorders and cure them completely.

What are some of the biggest mental disorders?

Alzheimer’s disease, chronic pain disorders, binge eating disorders, brain seizures, depression, epilepsy, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – are a few of the most frequently occurring mental health issues in current times. But there are so many more which remain undetected or the root cause unknown.

Also, most of these problems are currently treated with medications that might take a toll on our central nervous system due to serious side effects, and lack of 
enough specific treatment.

What do we pledge to do?

Our focus as a biotechnology company is to develop molecules that would be delivered in a target-specific manner for optimum efficiency and minimum side effects.

Our molecules and the science behind them

• Serotonin is the major neurotransmitter (a hormone) of the brain which regulates almost every function, by enabling communication between nerve cells, affects our mood, decision making, and our overall wellbeing.

• Various factors can lead to a malfunctioning in the serotonin production levels or the 5-HT receptor levels. 5-HT is nothing but a mere medical name for serotonin.

• The 5-HT receptors coexist with various other nerve cell receptors involved with critical molecules like acetylcholine and GABA among others.

So, when one is damaged, the other associated functions are also affected. The only way to treat all the connected functions is by targeting the root of the problems.

To deliver target-specific drugs to bring back the levels of critical neurotransmitters to normal would be our biggest achievement as a biotechnology company.

Our vision as a startup 

Our promising board of experts has been functional in transforming their knowledge to action, and we have developed molecules that target some of the very crucial serotonin receptors. This would make sure there are reduced or no side effects rather increased positive response from patients.

We aim to return the normal lives of patients who struggle with mental disorders, all the more because the therapy available currently is limited. 

Biotechnology products being developed by us are supremely engineered molecules that mimic our body’s molecules to ensure efficacy as well as safety.

We have some super molecules in our pipeline and are almost on the verge of starting clinical trials, which would only pave the final road needed to bring our molecules to the market.

Our goal of bridging the gap that exists in this medical field is sure to make us one of the topmost biotechnology companies soon.