How to properly use and maintain air spray gun?

The spray guns used in air spraying have a variety of structural forms. The most commonly used spray guns are suction-up, counter-nozzle and flat nozzle spray guns, as well as various types of spray guns with different classification structures such as push-down, electric, and low-fog spray guns. The most commonly used spray guns are suction-up spray guns. The models are PQ-1 (also called pair-to-nozzle) and PQ-2 (also called flat-nozzle).

The method of using the spray gun correctly: When using the spray gun, press the trigger with your hand to make the channel of compressed air open first, and then the channel of the paint nozzle is opened. Compressed air flows from the pipeline to the nozzle. At this time, it encounters the paint flowing from the paint nozzle, and the paint is blown away and sprayed onto the workpiece. When the trigger is released, the small hole of the paint nozzle is tightly closed by the thimble, and the compressed air channel is also blocked.

The amount of paint sprayed can generally be controlled by the extent of the ejector pin, and the extent of the ejector pin can be adjusted with a limit screw. If you want to significantly change the amount of paint sprayed, you need to replace nozzles of different calibers.

Utilizing the auxiliary air channel on the nozzle and different positions of the nozzle, various paint flows of different shapes can be adjusted.

The maintenance of the spray gun is mainly cleaning. After spraying, the spray gun must be cleaned and no paint remains in the spray gun. When cleaning the spray gun, you can put part of the thinner in the paint storage tank, then block the paint nozzle with your fingers, and then pull the trigger, with the help of the strong scouring action of the thinner, you can clean the remaining paint in the spray gun. In addition to cleaning the area after each construction, the spray gun should be disassembled and assembled on a regular basis. That is, the spray gun is disassembled into parts, soaked in thinner, and then cleaned one by one. In the whole process of disassembling and assembling the spray gun, use special tools to carefully operate, and not damage various parts, such as thimble, gasket, etc. To clean the spray gun, only a brush can be used. The cleaned parts should be wiped with a clean soft cotton cloth. After the air outlet or paint outlet is blocked, use a solvent to scrub it carefully. Do not use a metal wire to poke it, so as not to damage the hole and affect the normal use of the spray gun. After the spray gun is cleaned, it should be placed in a safe and dry place.

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