No matter how good the equipment is, if you maintain and use it for a long time, you will encounter some problems. Blowkiss painting lists some common problems and summarizes some experience, I hope to share with you. I would like to introduce the reasons for the failure of the spray gun nozzle of the electrostatic spray paint production line for your reference:

1. Erosion. When the high-flow liquid passes through the precious metal surface at the nozzle hole, it will wear and erode the nozzle hole, and the spray state will become irregular. The possibility of nozzle corrosion depends on the hardness of the liquid and the type of chemical material used. In addition, the particulate impurities in the liquid can also cause severe corrosion of the nozzle.

2. Accidental damage. Improper use and improper maintenance are the main causes of accidental nozzle damage. Although the nozzle opening is usually designed to be concave, the offset structure of the fan nozzle is easily damaged.

3. Corrosion. When the workpiece is sprayed with chemical materials, these chemical materials can also cause corrosion of the nozzle material.

4. Blockage. The accumulation of chemicals and impurities on the inner or outer edge of the nozzle causes the nozzle to block. This will affect the spray shape of the nozzle.

5. Temperature. If working at high temperature or abnormal temperature for a long time, the nozzle will be damaged due to the softening of the material.

The above is the main reason. I hope everyone will pay attention to them as much as possible in the production process and future maintenance work. Correct use of spraying equipment can not only extend the service life of the equipment, reduce wear and tear, but also ensure production and personal safety.

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