It is vital to use therapeutic-grade, pure and safe essential oils because the oils bought from stores may have pesticides, solvents, chemicals, and other synthetics. This cannot be felt just by looking at the oil. All the oil that is put on the skin goes inside your body, so the oils should be tested thoroughly before using them. Oils should be free of fillers, pesticides, and contaminants. For the babies and the children, you should always dilute the oils to avoid any sensitization and irritation. These dilute oils help in absorption and moreover, the babies get lesser exposure to them.

These oils are safe and are extracted from the flowers and the plants. They have the real essence of the plant and are being used since the ancient period for the common health-related problems. These oils are non-invasive, natural, and non-toxic and can be quickly absorbed by the body for care. When these oils are blended and diluted using a moisturizer, powerful and natural oil is formed, and the resultant effect is a calm baby essential oil. These oils are sourced from all the natural ingredients found all over the world, and every blend has the right concentration of oil to give an effective formula to your kid.

Common baby issues

For calming, dilute Lavender or Serenity and apply on the feet of your child. You can use this oil on the chest too for relaxation. You can also wipe extra oil on their clothes or blankets because the pure oils do not stain. If the child is suffering from indigestion, then you can dilute one drop of wild orange and lavender oil each in carrier oil and rub it on the baby’s stomach for minimum 30 seconds. You can apply the essential oils baby in every 15-30 minutes till the time his tummy gets settled.

For soothing the skin of the child, dilute a drop of Lavender and Melaleuca oil each in coconut oil for soothing the skin. Apply every time you change the diaper. Always use a soft and damp paper towel for wiping and avoiding further skin irritation problems. For the teething problem, use diluted Roman Chamomile and Lavender blend on the jawline every half an hour for soothing. For solving any ear related problem, dilute Melaleuca and lavender and apply the essential baby oils around the ear and massage it but never put oil directly in the ear.

Safety measures

Oils should not be given to the babies and children internally. Keep them out of reach of children all the time. If the baby accidentally injects the oil, call the poison control immediately. Baby essential oils are made up of the natural ingredients, so they are safe and even if a child consumes it, they are a little chance of danger. Still, one should be careful. Never keep any oil in or around the nose of a child or a kid. Use the gentle oils that are well-diluted on their faces only when needed. These are a few safety tips that you should follow while applying the oils to your baby or child.