The most popular type of oil lubricated compressor is the screw compressor. This compressor is a positive displacement compressor and the main type currently in use. The main components of screw compressor components include internal and external threaded rotors. As the rotors move closer to each other, the capacity and casing between them will shrink. The pressure ratio of the screw depends on the length and shape of the screw and the shape of the discharge port.

The two rotors are usually designed with different shapes. The externally threaded rotor has convex leaves, and the internally threaded rotor has a cavity. So that they can mesh with each other. The design of the externally threaded rotor is usually less than that of the internally threaded rotor. This is to make it rotate faster and drive the internally threaded rotor.

The screw element is not equipped with any valve, and there is no mechanical force to cause any imbalance. Therefore, it can rotate at a high speed, and use a large flow velocity combined with a small appearance.

The main components and functions of the rotary screw compressor:

Rotor: The rotor performs the core responsibilities of a rotary screw air compressor. This pair of rotors is hidden in the compressor cylinder. The rotating rotor traps a large amount of air and compresses it to a higher pressure as it passes through the rotor.

Motor: The compressor needs power, and the power comes from the motor. The motor is used to drive the rotation of the externally threaded rotor, and then the externally threaded rotor drives the internally threaded rotor.

Bearing: The bearing is used to ensure that the rotor is fixed in the correct position. They are located at both ends of the two rotors to ensure that the rotors rotate at a constant speed and maintain balance.

Suction valve and discharge valve: These valves control the compressor to recover and discharge the initial gas. The suction valve opens, air enters the system, and the discharge valve receives compressed air at the end of the process.

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