Today people's lives are no longer disconnected from Wi-Fi networks. Not only does a computer need the Internet to access the Internet, many functions of a smartphone also depend on the Internet. Next, Shankino will introduce you to the features of wifi jammer and the types of WiFi signal jammers available.

We have frequent customer service advice and feedback, and the cell phone signal jammer is ineffective. Why does the installation of a cell phone signal jammer sometimes not work or the effect is very small? This is due to the environment in which you are using the cell phone signal jammer. Under what circumstances is the cell phone signal jammer's effect small?

In addition, all of the current cell phone jammer use the technology that does not affect the uplink (base station) so that while the use of the cellphone by surrounding personnel is not affected, the environmental requirements of the cellphone signal jammer are improved. The Shankino Cell Phone Signal Jammer is about testing the signal strength of the surrounding cell phone before purchasing the signal jammer and then selecting the appropriate signal jammer based on the actual signal strength.

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One of the main sources of GPS jammer is Hongqi 18-1, the first phase of the annual aerial warfare game. The game takes place every year at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada and extends north to Seattle Air Traffic Control. Electronic warplanes, including the Navy's EA-18 Growler and Air Force Compass Call EC-130, will shut down all satellite navigation systems within 450 nautical miles. GPS jammers generate white-noise radio signals at the same frequency as GPS satellites, which can block signals from GPS tracking devices and navigation systems. GPS jammers are easy to manufacture. GPS signals are relatively weak and centered on the frequencies 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5 GHz in the microwave spectrum. Simply starting the microwave energy near the receiver will mask the weak signals sent by the satellite (about 20,000 kilometers apart) and disable the GPS device.

Even if the prototype is feasible, Alias ​​is currently only in the joint project phase. The development takes place in open source. All the plans to achieve this goal are available for free on the Instructables website. There is no doubt that this original and useful step will interest a large number of users.