Have you recently found for your passion for photography or video production and are looking to start your own collection of cameras, whether it be for personal or professional use? Ever since the beginning of the global COVID-19 epidemic, and the resulting lockdowns, many people have begun to take pleasure and solace in the smaller moments of their lives, finding appreciation in their everyday experiences, but have become almost lost to us because of our busy lifestyles. With this, comes a greater desire for some people to be able to capture those moments on photos or videos, where our smartphone cameras may not always be able to do it justice. This has lead countless people to start looking for their own Nikon camera for sale.

This is where the more enthusiast to professional range of cameras are able to help you, allowing you to capture such moments in their full glory through pristine image quality that remains crisp and detailed. However, before you go and buy your own camera, it is important to note that there are a variety of different forms thereof, each providing their owns strengths and uses, allowing each photographer and videographer to make the most of their style and skillset.

Nikon, for instance, currently provides the market with 4 different categories of cameras, including Digital Mirrorless, Digital SLR, Digital Compact Zoom, and then their Classic Film cameras too. In order to help you understand each camera type so that you can go on to pursue your specific passions within the medium, we have compiled detailed descriptions of each type down below.

Digital Mirrorless

This is a camera that is able to function without a reflex mirror, unlike DSLR cameras. This allows light to pass directly onto the sensor, providing you with the ability view and adjust various aspects of the image on your LCD screen in real time, before the image has even been shot. This camera provides users with higher shooting speeds, image stabilisation, and a compact design with a lighter weight.

Digital SLR

Referring to Digital Single Lens Reflex, this camera works by allowing light to enter its single lens before hitting a reflective mirror into the viewfinder. This comes with the benefits of been given immediate access to the photos you have just taken, a greater variety of interchangeable lenses, auto-focus, longer-lasting batteries, and large amounts of storage space when using memory cards.

Digital Compact Zoom/Bridge

Bridge camera’s are able to combine the zoom features of a telephoto lens and the ergonomics of DSLR cameras with the sheer conveniences that come with compact cameras. Because of its design, implementing a single zoom lens that is fixed to the camera, users enjoy a much more affordable price while often still being provided with greater versatility in its zoom range. This all comes in a smaller yet professional design.

Classic Film

Previous referred to as Point and Shoots, these cameras expose photographic film strips to light in order for a photo to be taken. Due to the processes involved for these pictures to get developed, images are given a unique, vintage look while still providing a high quality image.