Microsoft Word is considered to be a useful application from Microsoft. This application allows users to write their thoughts and save them. The document can be created by typing or pasting words and is one of the known applications of Microsoft. But it becomes quite disappointing that when you are working with the applications, it does not respond. But, nothing in this world is left unsolved, so your issue can also be resolved. 

Hence, if you are also such a user-facing Microsoft word not respondingwhether on Windows or Mac, your issue can be resolved. And for that, you can refer to the information further in this article. 

Recommended ways to fix Microsoft word not responding

Method 1: Repairing Microsoft Word 

· If your word does not respond while opening, saving, or creating the document, you can try to repair your tool explained below. 

· From your Windows, right-click on the start button and tap on the “Apps and Features” option. 

· Tap on “Microsoft Word” from the apps list and tap the “Modify” option. 

· And in case Click-to-run installs your Microsoft Office, when you see the “How would you like to repair Microsoft Programs” option, click on “Online Repair and then Repair option. 

· And you can follow the onscreen instructions to get your application repaired. 

Method 2: With the Help of Disconnecting Network Drive! 

If you use any network drive to save Word files, then Microsoft Word will not respond if the File does not exist. And you may disconnect the network drive from the computer as follows: 

· From your laptop, go to “My Computer” and right-click on it. 

· Choose the “Disconnect Network Drive” option and choose the drive where your Word files are saved. 

· Click “OK” to disconnect the drive.

· And all the contents will be easily accessible using windows explorer.

Method 3: Disabling Add-ins in Microsoft Word!

· From the Microsoft word, click File and choose “Word Options” and “Add-ins.” 

· Now, under Manage: Com-in Add section, choose “Open all add-ins.” 

· Choose “Disable all add-ins” and tap “OK.” 

Hence, with the help of the above ways, you can get rid of your Microsoft Word not responding issue without any hassle. And in case your issue still does not get resolved, you can come in contact with the customer support of Microsoft. This customer support is 24/7 active to resolve the issues and get away with any issues that a user faces.