You may have been wondering how to book an Emirates Airlines flight, but it’s not as difficult as you might think! Emirates Airlines Tickets offers many flights throughout the United States and around the world, including non-stop flights from the East Coast to cities in Europe, like Paris and Athens, as well as long-haul flights from the West Coast to cities like Perth and Mumbai. Thanks to one of Emirates’ state-of-the-art mobile apps, booking an Emirates flight from your phone is easier than ever! Here’s how you can book a Emirates Airlines flight on your mobile device.


Step 1: Choose your journey

Emirates Airlines allows you to book a journey, either directly with them or with another travel agent. Since they have an in-house service, direct Emirates Flight Booking is slightly quicker but costs more. Using a third party is slower but cheaper and involves slightly less paperwork. Regardless of your chosen option, you need to register for their rewards program before proceeding: You can do so here. Next, proceed as follows: 1) If Emirates booking direct then select ‘Emirates online Booking Direct'. 2)If not then choose 'Travel agency', step through each page until you come to page 5 (You should see display image at top of page saying Open Journeys Rewards ). 3) At each stage be sure all details are entered exactly as required (If unsure of spelling etc.


Step 2: Manage your booking

Once you've Emirates ticket booking your flight, you can manage your Emirates flight booking via Emirate Airlines website or their app. The best way to search for any flight is on their Emirates website. If you'd like a mobile option, download their app from either App Store or Google Play. If you have problems or need assistance, use Emirates 24/7 Chat Support. When they ask what they can help with, it's recommended that you type flight booking. You'll get picked up by someone in English-speaking North America in just a few minutes most of the time.


Step 3: Use the booking manager

Emirates makes it easy for frequent travelers to sign up and Emirates manage bookings directly from its website for Emirates Airlines. Once you’ve entered your information, go ahead and click Emirates Check in Now. A booking manager will pop up that allows you to browse flights and enter Emirates Airlines destination and travel dates. This section is also where you can pay for Emirates ticket price, print itineraries or change seats. Although these features might sound simple, it should be noted that Emirates plane doesn’t allow flight changes—but you can rebook free of charge if your plans change. Or, if you have flexibility with your dates, try using a site like Skyscanner for inspiration before moving on to step 4 of booking through Emirates Airlines Book a Flight.


Step 4: Wait for your flight!

How long it takes for your flight depends on where you’re going. Flights within Europe and Northern Africa take about one hour. Shorter flights within Asia and Australia range from two to five hours, depending on how far your Emirates Airlines destination is from Dubai. American flights generally take seven or eight hours from Dubai, with a direct flight generally taking longer than a flight with stopovers. The longest Emiratos arabes airline is a 13-hour trip to Auckland, New Zealand. If you want to board first, get seat selection at booking and check in online for your flight before midnight on the day before travel so that you can select seats and print out your boarding pass ahead of time; if you wait until check-in opens online 24 hours before departure then it will be too late.