Although industrial pallets are not a common item in our daily life, they are not rare items, so we still have some knowledge and familiarity with industrial pallets. Industrial pallet forming technology has gradually become well-known. Today we take a look at three molding methods for Industrial tray molding .

First of all, the first is the injection molding method. The quality of plastic pallets produced by the injection molding method is relatively flat, with a smooth and rigorous appearance and greater freedom of product design. It can also be divided into double-sided integral plastic pallets and assembled plastic pallets.

The second is the extrusion molding method, which is similar to extrusion blow molding and general molding methods, because its products are larger and double-sided, requiring a larger model.

The third is the vacuum blister molding method. Vacuum blister molded plastic trays are divided into single-sided and double-sided. The single-sided is attached to the small motor and the wire reel for packaging and transportation. The recent development is relatively fast and the use is wider.

As the industrial pallet forming technology becomes more and more mature, my country's technological level is getting better and better. So I hope to see more and more perfect industrial pallet molding technology in the future.