By following the simple steps below, users can How to Connect HP Printer to Wifi. The printers can connect their printers to the network of the local area. Wireless mode is available for most WiFi Printers. In order to Connect HP Printer to Wifi, users should follow the steps listed below. This allows the consumer to take the following steps. The consumer should ensure that the web is allowed.

  • The consumer must ensure that the printer's WIreless button is activated.
  • The HP Network Configuration Page will then open the http:/ to access the Printer Admin page.
  • After this you should disconnect your laptop from the Wifi device, then connect to the wireless network of the Printer.
  • After you connect the device to the URL listed above, you will then see and open the embedded Web Server Page (Printer Admin Page).
  • The user must then search the Network table and pick the Wireless Setup Wizard option on the left side of the Wireless device (802.11).
  • The users can then click the Next option to continue.
  • The system searches for wireless networks available.
  • Home Wifi is available in the list of available networks for consumers of wireless networks.
  • You can choose the network to travel further by pressing the Next button.
  • The users can enter the Home WiFi network password and hen continue.
  • Finally, users should wait a while until the user enters the confirmation window.
  • Users can finally press the finishing option and observe that they are connected to a wireless HP Printer.
  • This is the move that lets the user connect the HP printer to the wireless Internet connection. Whenever the user has a problem, the user should contact the technical specialists to solve the problem.

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