If there is a yard, how is the best design? I think a Portable Folding Gazebo must be built to reflect the true practical value of the yard! If you want to grow flowers and grass at the same time, you might as well refer to the owner’s courtyard design, and build a Portable Folding Gazebo with the back of the flowerbed.
One side is the flowerbed, and the other is the Portable Folding Gazebo outdoor restaurant. After watering the flowers and plants, you can sit under the pergola and have a rest, while the Portable Folding Gazebo is used as a restaurant, and there is a flowerbed at the back, and the dining atmosphere becomes more natural. Harmony!

The interior emphasizes the overall sense, and the courtyard naturally represents another face of the entire home. Combining the flower bed, Portable Folding Gazebo, and outdoor restaurant into one, not only frees up more space for activities in the yard, but also reduces the sense of mess. There is also the feel of a mansion house!

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