You will need a tire pressure gauge, which you can find at most service stations or auto parts stores. Edmunds states you should check the pressure when the tires are cold, as the friction from driving causes them to heat up and affects the pressure. Check them first thing in the morning or, if you’re already driven the car, Consumer Reports recommends waiting at least three hours for the tires to cool down.

Once you have a tire gauge in hand, Tubeless Snap Tire Valve Manufacturer says this is how to check your tire pressure:

Remove the cap from the air valve on the tire, and put it somewhere you won’t lose it.
Press the tire gauge against the open valve stem for a second or two. It’s normal to hear a hiss of air.
Read the air pressure gauge. For manual gauges, a dial points to the pressure or a bar indicates the pressure by how far it was pushed out. The pressure will appear onscreen on a digital tire gauge.
Compare this number with the recommended tire pressure.
Replace the tire’s air valve cap. (Hold off on this step if you need to adjust the air pressure.)
Repeat this process for each tire.

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