The madden criticism which surfaced has nothing to do along with your remark. Its a growing group of people who want to Madden 21 coins play a fantastic football match, but Ea keeps selling them exactly the same game without updating the engine. This group needs the nfl to either give out multiple instances of likeness rights or offer them exclusively to a different company that would hopefully make a much better game. Not surprising. This is why EA does not have to bother ever enhancing anything in the majority of their manners or fixing any bugs which have been there for years. People will buy it regardless and whales will dump tons of money into MUT. 2k has similar troubles and the microtransaction stuff is gross but in the very least which has great gameplay and top tier presentation and they still put in a little more effort. Sports game simply have an entirely different demographics to matches such as Witcher 3 and CIV.

If anything this shows you why they released a broken product. The men and women who purchase don't read/care what the web thinks. Disappointed in the sports community but honestly. . .where else can they go when this is their sole option? The majority of the sports enthusiast don't read reviews before they purchase. A good deal of them literally only play that sport for the entire year. It is the same for FIFA. Imagine if Fromsoftware made a half-baked Souls match. The fans would still purchase it since it's nevertheless a Souls match. Makes sense if you think of it that way. I mean, I just played New Super Mario Bros 2. It is like three hours long and nothing about it's distinctive from all of the other New Super Mario Bros. games. Yet, I bought it, and therefore didn't millions of other players.

Maximum Football 2020 releases later this month. It frankly compares to overdue Xbox/early 360 graphically but it actually has customization and depth unlike Madden. Honstely when your only game in town it is not like anybody has a choice just I am just glad madden didn't need to stick around and see his title butchered. Regrettably Madden & FIFA are matches that are review-immune due to mixture of exclusive licensing / casual marketplace reach. I get the impression Avengers will also fall into this class. The NFL & FIFA respectively don't require enough flak with this. They must see that their audience isn't happy but do not change to non-exclusive licensing anyway. Past year's I stopped enjoying per month in I'd the EA ace left before yesterday I did not reup. I didnt enjoy 20 or 21.

It's a logical decision by EA. Even if they are just after political factors. The NFL and Madden have a sizable African American fandom, combined with being essentially a US exclusive product with buy mut coins madden 21 minimal international appeal. Not the best time to fall advice when one of your biggest demographics & only market is to literal fire. From an advertising/marketing stage, theyve done this numerous times (smaller scale) for Battlefront 2. The CM said theyre looking to create the maximum spalsh as possible. If people are out protesting = less viewers. And furthermore, lower internet engagement. On most social websites it's impossible to talk about anything but the protests at the moment. They need people talking about the reveal but that would be spelled out by the much larger news at the moment.