McAfee, a brand known for multi-vector antivirus protection also offers internship programs to people coming from different walks of life. Students and employees from various countries come up together to attend this internship program offered by McAfee.

What is McAfee Internship?

This program not only gives meaningful insights about McAfee but also trains them to deal with online attacks of this on a growing world. At McAfee, the employees are told that they are the future if this world and hence they should be on par with the latest technology.

What is McAfee Internship

That is the reason why they are given the training to make meaningful contributions to the betterment of the digital world. Anyone from any part of the world can join McAfee in this mission so that achieving targets becomes easier.  The target, as we all know is to reduce the impact of cyber attacks, viruses, malware, Trojans, and alike.

However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the internship could not place this year. Hence, McAfee asked some previous inters to share their views on the same.

Views shared by the interns

  • The first review was shared by Aaron who is a QA Engineering and Software Development Intern at Cork and has to say a lot about McAfee. He says that his companions have helped him to carry forward the journey from being a college-going boy to becoming an intern. His teammates at McAfee always kept customers as their first priority.
  • Another intern named Benaisha who served as the Finance Intern in Plano says that she was interested to become a part of McAfee from the very begging. This is because of the culture of McAfee and the treatment given to the interns. She found her mates really helpful and because of them she could learn to differentiate between various online threats.
  • According to the review shared by another intern, Blair, McAfee is known for its values and work culture. The practices undergoing in the workplace allowed everyone to enjoy the internship. Apart from this, he got to learn many positive things because of the constructive atmosphere. He says that the internship has helped him to grow in the different aspects of life. The opportunity to collaborate with others has helped him to learn about different cultures of the globe. This also has improved his communication skills.

Some more reviews

  • Deirdre, another intern at McAfee also says that her communication skills have undergone a huge change. This all happened because of his colleagues. She found them to be excellent mentors as they helped her whenever she had any queries. She was involved in different programs during the period she was in McAfee and these helped her in different ways.
  • Divya an intern from Bangalore says that McAfee has given her a platform that helped her increase her knowledge. She got to learn more about technology. Also, the internship helped her to involve in different perspectives about security and protection. She got to become a responsible human being. Alongside this, this has helped to stay positive, grow, and become innovative.

These were some of the reviews shared by McAfee interns who joined its internship programs at different levels. If you also wish to become a part of McAfee, then get the required details for it on