"City bicycle manufacturers" is a name that represents a specific bicycle model. At the same time, "city bicycle" is also an adjective, used to describe the kind of people who love and enjoy life. City bicycles are bicycles designed for residents living in cities to relieve certain urban traffic pressure and meet people's daily travel needs.

City bicycles originated abroad. In Europe and the United States, people widely use city bicycles as the first choice for urban travel.

With the resurgence of bicycles in China, bicycle culture is more and more respected by people, and the lifestyle represented by urban bicycles has become the first choice for people to travel, relax and socialize.

Simple and easy to use, the city bicycle is a bicycle born for ordinary people’s daily life in the city. It omits the complicated transmission system and redundant shock absorption of road bikes and mountain bikes. Repair and maintenance have brought convenience.

Stable performance, city bicycles emphasize the safety and comfort of daily use. The angles of the frame, seat and handlebars are adjusted in the design of the model to better solve the problem that the more complex the system, the lower the stability.

With a beautiful appearance, the concept of city bicycles was first provided and realized by the Nordic countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands. Just like the windmills and tulip fields there, the birth of the city bicycle is natural and elegant, nurtured by a country of gentleness and romance, and then in the process of European development, the elegance of Rome and the romance of parasol trees were added. Countless master craftsmen and discerning customers have created beautiful city bicycles.

City bikes are more suitable for urban environments and usually have an elevated handlebar so that the rider can have an upright sitting position when riding. They don’t have many gears, but they have more material than road bikes. They may have a top central rack rod to facilitate the installation and removal of components, and front and rear racks to carry people and objects. The seat is usually larger than other bicycles, and most city bicycles are equipped with chains and tires to protect against oil and dust.

In nearly a hundred years of performance, city bicycles have been closely related to people's lives and have provided convenience to people's lives. People link all aspects of life through city bicycle manufacturers, and constantly inject people's love for life, and gradually evolve into a life attitude, becoming more and more people's fashion lifestyle. People ride city bicycles through the city, looking for and discovering their own fun of life, enjoying the simplicity, exquisiteness, happiness and beauty that city bicycles bring.