How to Write a Novel: Getting Started

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A lot of people want to write novels, but don't know how to begin. There's not a right or wrong approach to Urdu Novels, but here are some general steps to get you started.

1) Set a writing schedule.

Writing a novel's a big project. If you leave the writing for when you happen to have a free moment, it's not likely to get done.

You need a plan. For example, maybe you can make writing time by waking up half an hour earlier every day. It's okay if you can only write for a short time each day; the key is to be consistent.

Imagine you write just half a page per day. If you do that every day, in one year, you can finish a draft of your novel!

2) Come up with an idea.

Some people get stuck at this step. They're afraid that their ideas aren't brilliant enough or that they're too much like novels that have already been written.

Remember, though, it's not the idea that will make your novel great or original -- it's what you do with it.

3) Develop your idea.

A classic story plot is built around a character's struggle to overcome a problem or to reach a goal. This struggle gives your story a structure, and it gives readers a reason to keep reading -- they want to find out if the character will succeed or fail.

Often story ideas begin like this:

- "I want to write about vampires."

- "I want to write a spy thriller about the Cold War."

There's nothing wrong with those ideas as starting points, but they don't story plots -- yet.

Your next step would be to decide on the main character and a central problem or goal for the character to struggle within the story.


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