Cybersecurity has come into focus across the economy as hackers become more powerful. In the meantime, ships have become more reliant on a range of electronic devices to operate.

"These include software to power the engines, complex cargo management systems, automatic identification systems (AIS), global positioning systems (GPS), and electronic map display and information systems (ECDIS)," said Matthew Montgomery, senior associate at the international law firm Holman Fenwick Willan CNBC via email.

"The added incentive for a hacker is that the shipping industry involves high quality assets and the transportation of valuable cargo on a daily basis."

Wifi signal jammer or interruption of GPS systems leads to significant problems. For example, in April last year, South Korea said around 280 ships would have to return to port after problems with their navigation systems, claiming North Korea was behind the disruption.

Professor David Last, strategic advisor to the General Lighthouse Authorities in the UK, which provides navigational aids for ships, recently carried out a series of tests to investigate the effects of mini gps jammer on shipping. In one experiment, a jammer was operated from a lighthouse and aimed at ships.

handheld gps signal jammer

This fall, the U.S. Army will test an interference-resistant GPS to solve the breaking defense problem after Russia is suspected of interfering with GPS signals in Europe and elsewhere.

GPS interference can also pose a major threat to U.S. and Allied forces, which rely on the system for everything from troop movements to missile and drone guidance. Last fall, US and NATO allies launched a major joint exercise in Norway called Trident Juncture to test the joint readiness and training of a large multinational coalition. During the exercise, the military noticed that GPS signals, which Finnish and Norwegian officials attributed to Russia, were being disrupted. In April 2018, US officials said the Russian military had blocked GPS systems for drones used in Syria.

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