Jewelers Connect Gives Independent Jewelers The Opportunity To Design

Custom jewelry is growing in popularity. The problem is, most people find it difficult to compare jewelers and options when it comes to custom jewelry. To get more news about design and custom Jewerly platform, you can visit official website.

Jewelers Connect provides a smart solution for both jewelers and jewelry shoppers. Jewelers Connect is one of the leading platforms innovating the jewelry industry and providing a modern jewelry shopping experience by allowing consumers to create requests for the jewelry they want to purchase. Shoppers post images and fill out project request forms for personalized jewelry. Shoppers receive estimates from jewelers all around the U.S. allowing them to compare options and pricing to see who best fits their needs. Jewelry shoppers and jewelers can also communicate through the platform to help bring the in-store experience online and ensure that the experience is personal. Jewelers Connect makes the whole jewelry shopping experience easier than ever.
Independent, family-owned jewelry stores now have the same opportunity to gain business as the largest chain jewelry retailers. By using Jewelers Connect, shoppers are able to get exactly what they want at great prices, meanwhile, they are supporting small business owners.
Numerous benefits come with selling custom jewelry online. However, jewelers typically have to have a website made, and perform lots of different tasks which are very time-consuming and expensive to get their company noticed. With a vast variety of jewelry projects listed on Jewelers Connect, jewelers can quickly pick and choose what projects they would like to work on and this drastically reduces the cost of doing business.

“A lot of jewelry companies don’t perform the work in-house. Instead, they outsource work to other skilled professionals. Jewelers can outsource their own jewelry projects. Whether they need CAD designers, bench workers, casters, etc, they simply create a

request similar to consumers and review offers from other prevetted, trusted, skilled jewelers!” says Ryan Allen, CEO at Jewelers Connect.”


The process that the platform follows is pretty simple. First, a shopper looking for custom jewelry needs to upload a picture of their desired design and fill out their requirements such as quality, size, etc. Jewelers then review the request and send offers to make it for them. The shopper reviews the offers, jeweler reviews, and can connect with the jeweler to ask any questions they may have. Then, the shopper hires the jeweler who best fits their needs. If the shopper needs help creating a request, they can use the free concierge service that walks them through step by step. With protected payment procedures and 24/7 customer support for both jewelers and shoppers,