One Shot Keto clean my te enjoying that and I wouldn't mind if they cut my hours some more you know but I did much lose a significant amount before I do so but just know I'm gonna have so many weigh-ins thanks you guys on so whenever I do get my weigh-in and I'm explaining well I lost 5 pounds this week and 3 pounds this week but then I get into desert what three point eight pounds this week y'all can come back to this comment I want a Disney turkey leg just like that just like that nothing else I want a Disney turkey leg if um i am a lot better now than i was before because now i'm learning how to love myself oh cheesy love myself um i am trying to learn myself so i am getting more comfortable in my skin and i feel like people in my life and people in my instagram could see that and that's probably why they could like asking so many questions about what i did to lose weight um but um it is a struggle it is a long process it was not easy