The kitchen is often one of the most underserved spaces in terms of thoughtful design. But you wish to make your kitchen more beautiful and functional in 2022. If you are considering installing a modular kitchen at home, or want to revamp your existing modular kitchen to match the latest trends, do read on to know what’s currently in vogue:

#1 Bright colours.

Who says kitchens must be white, off white or at a big stretch, sunshine yellow? These could very well be the hues of choice in your kitchen, but they’re not really trendy this year. If you want your kitchen to rock the latest design trends, you must infuse it with colour. And it’s not about using a bit of colour in a tentative manner, either – go bold with large swatches of colour on the furniture, walls and tiles. Think scarlet, maroon, indigo, sea green or even purple on two walls. Or if you would rather experiment more, go with dual tones – good examples are turquoise and lemon yellow, or olive green and peach, or indigo and pink. The idea is to go boldly unapologetic in your choice of colour – after all, what’s a radical modular kitchen idea if not one that will arrest the attention at once?

#2 Metal finishes.

Modern Indian kitchens are increasingly showing two dominant modular kitchen ideas: a throwback to traditional kitchens of our childhood, or a totally urban stainless-steel kitchen. We’re with you on this one if you choose the latter option – stainless steel kitchens are all the rage at the moment, and you would do well to get on this trend at once. Not only are metal finish modular kitchens neat to look at, but the stainless-steel furniture is also easy to clean and corrosion- and rust-free. Design the kitchen such that it looks like a solid wall of steel with handle less furniture (both cabinets and drawers). Leading modular kitchen brands in India retail the best and most innovative furniture solutions in this class, apart from other finishes like faux leather and wood.

#3 Glass partitions.

New trends do not necessarily mean that one needs to reinvent the wheel every time. Sometimes, it’s as basic as going back to what used to be popular a few years ago and making minor tweaks to it. A case in point is the reappearance of glass doors and partitions in Indian modular kitchens. Glass lends itself exceptionally well to furniture materials like wood and steel. You can have an ornate glass partition with etching and colours, or you can have a plain one with a glamorous frame for it to stand out. But do ensure that the partition is anchored properly – if not fitted properly, it may fall over and cause accidents if the glass shatters. Either it can be folded and anchored to the ceiling, or made into a sliding partition with a groove and channel in the floor.

#4 Ornate flooring.

Modular kitchen ideas do not encompass merely the furniture, as one would believe. Indeed, they envisage kitchens in their entirety, and this includes the flooring. Most Indian kitchens install ceramic tiles on the kitchen floors because these are easy to clean. Why not experiment with other types of flooring, such as wooden parquet, or mosaic chips to create a design, or an ornate design using different tile sizes? The more interesting the kitchen floor, the more it arrests the eye and retains the vision for long. However, this must be attempted only in large kitchens that have most of the floor bare and without furniture standing on it, for the best effect.