Many people think that disposable wooden tableware is relatively hygienic and safe when eating out. However, in order to reduce the cost, some small processing plants often use some inferior timber. Sometimes, in order to whiten chopsticks, some lawless elements will fumigate and bleach them with sulfur. When eating with these chopsticks, the residual sulfur dioxide will enter the body in use.

So how to prevent "poisoning", after getting disposable chopsticks, it depends on whether the manufacturer's title, trademark and contact information are printed on the package; Those disposable chopsticks with too white color are not credible; You can also smell chopsticks. If there is sour sulfur, it is best not to use them. Do not soak disposable wooden tableware in hot soup or porridge for a long time, because this will accelerate the differentiation of sulfur dioxide. It can clean the surface of chopsticks with cold water and reduce the residual sulfur dioxide.

Because of the low price, you can buy one for a few cents, so it is welcomed by some small restaurants. For example, many toxic and harmful materials, such as industrial grade calcium carbonate, talcum powder and Bai La, are usually added in the production of defective lunch boxes, which pose a direct threat to the health of users.

Unqualified plastic lunch boxes are soft to the touch, split when torn slightly, smell pungent and squint, and easily leak when deformed by heat; The fake pulp lunch box has poor strength and deep color, and there is severe oil and water seepage phenomenon; There is no factory name, no trademark and no production date on the packing box and lunch box; Unqualified lunch boxes are heavier than qualified products, which will sink briefly after being shredded (qualified products will not sink if their specific gravity is less than 1); The price is cheap, generally below 0.10 yuan, while the real price of environmental protection lunch box is above 0.13 yuan.

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