Due to the ever-increasing number of vehicles on-road, there has been a rise in the number of vehicular accidents as well. In a quick moving world, individuals don't pause for a moment before settling on a choice, particularly when it's tied in with arriving at their destination on schedule. Such spontaneous decision making can cause setbacks when on the road and might actually damage your vehicle and harm you as well.

Therefore it is imperative that you buy vehicle insurance, such as bike insurance for your bike to get the necessary financial protection from on-road mishaps. Nonetheless, numerous bike owners get deterred quickly because of the price of the insurance policy. This is where two-wheeler insurance premium calculator comes in handy, and given below are steps for using this calculator:

1.Access the website of the insurance provider

The initial step is to visit and sign into the site of your favoured insurer. After you sign-in, select the two-wheeler insurance premium calculator. You will be required to provide your contact data. You will likewise be needed to give the registration information of your bike. After this data has been submitted, you will then, at that point, be taken to the next page.

2.Provide technical information of your bike

On this page, you will be needed to give detailed information of your bike. This consists of the brand, the model and the year of its manufacturing. You will likewise be needed to give detail about the bike’s engine, its capacity, the bike’s age and so on. This helps in getting a clear idea about bike, which in turn helps the insurer in providing you the appropriate quote for the bike insurance.

3.Provide information of previous policy

After you have submitted information of your bike, you are also needed to give details about any previous bike insurance that you may have owned. These details include your previously filed claims, your NCB discount and so on. When this information has been filled, you just need to submit them.

4.Buy the insurance that suits your need

Based on the information provided by you to the insurer, the two-wheeler insurance premium calculator will then give you a quote for the bike insurance you are looking to buy. If you are looking for extensive coverage, you can opt for the comprehensive bike insurance. Or, if you are looking an insurance policy that is budget-friendly, you can go for the third-party insurance. After you have chosen the policy according to your prerequisite, you can pay for it from the insurer’s website following which you will receive a soft copy of your policy via mail.

These are the steps that you can follow to use the two-wheeler insurance premium calculator. This calculator is helpful if you are looking to buy bike insurance for the first time or if you are looking to renew it. Get in touch with your insurer to get other information related to this policy.