A common misconception about React Native, the javascript library which powers many popular apps like Facebook and Instagram, is that it’s only useful to big companies with lots of money at their disposal. In reality, startups can find great value in it too! Here are five ways React Native can help your business succeed. India is quickly becoming a top destination for software development. If you're looking to save money on your next project, hiring developers from India could be the perfect solution. With a talented and experienced workforce, you can get high-quality results at a fraction of the cost.

1) Development Speed

Another huge benefit to building a mobile app with React Native is speed. This comes from both sides: First, there’s no need to learn Objective-C or Java and develop native applications separately for iOS and Android; everything is written in JavaScript. Second, there’s no need to compile and package apps separately for each platform—React Native uses a bridge that allows code written in JavaScript (in real time) to run on both iOS and Android natively, resulting in instant gratification on development speed.
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2) Code Reuse

If you have ever created a mobile app with Xamarin, PhoneGap or any other hybrid app solution, you have already started thinking like a native developer. Many companies that begin their React Native journey with a web technology are shocked to see how quickly they learn and adapt to coding in Swift, Objective-C or Java. Cross-Platform Development: If your company is looking to create an iOS and Android app (or even multiple apps for both platforms), there is no better way than learning how to use React Native. With one codebase, your developers can create two versions of your product at once; if one platform takes off over another, it will be easy to reallocate resources as needed.

3) Less Coding

Web-development frameworks like Angular and Ember require you to know lots of coding languages. In contrast, React Native allows coders to use JavaScript, which many developers already know how to code. This makes it easier for companies to hire tech experts who know how to code efficiently. Moreover, you don’t need a web developer and a mobile developer if you want your product to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Just hire  developer team that knows how to create native apps (and they are getting cheaper too!). Other coding frameworks require two separate teams: one for web apps and another for mobile app development; it is not efficient at all! Since Javascript is used in both cases, there's no need for setting up separate teams.

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4) Frequent Updates and Support

When you build your app with a react native development company, they will make sure that your app will receive frequent updates and support to fix bugs and other issues that might occur over time. Moreover, such a company would also provide you with proper technical support if you face any difficulty while working on it. This can be very beneficial in terms of developing your application. By hiring react native developer, you will get all the support and feedback needed to improve your application in an efficient manner without worrying about anything else. You might have developed an app but what’s next? Getting your application onto different stores is not as easy as developing it. Therefore, if you want to see success in no time then hiring one of these companies for help is definitely a smart idea.

5) Community Support

As more companies have begun adopting React Native, more resources have become available to developers. If you need assistance while working on a project with one of your engineers, it’s likely someone has already asked that question or experienced that problem before. All you have to do is search for it. In fact, many coding problems and questions can be solved by searching Stack Overflow for your issue; you might find yourself receiving an answer in minutes! This kind of support is hard to come by from other front-end frameworks and native technologies like Objective-C or Java, which aren’t nearly as popular as JavaScript yet and don’t have close to as much community support.
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