Essay writing is not a piece of cake for every student either it’s a school student or a college student. It is the most difficult task for them to write an impressive essay so that the reader gets interested in it. Moreover, while writing essays students usually make some common mistakes particularly while answering the core questions. However, the common structure of an essay entails the introduction, body, and conclusion. Furthermore, the most important part of the essay is the thesis statement which should be stated very clearly so that reader can easily grasp the idea of the work. In addition, a good introduction usually demonstrates the upcoming paragraph that will be organized and will make the way to the conclusion easy. An essay can be written from any perspective but mostly it needs to be done in the first and third person. Through our essay, assignment writing service in singapore students can easily get top notch work that would help them to achieve higher grades and marks.

There are four different types of essays that are elaborated below:


An expository essay involves the ideas and it is usually written through comparison & contrasts, explanation, example and examines the cause & effects on a topic or given matter. This type of essay mostly written at the school level and it entails five paragraphs that include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Likewise, you are also make it simple by the assistance of CIPD assignment help online.


This type of essay is different from the above-mentioned type. There is no exact format use in this type of essay because students are asked to describe the topic in a more artistic way so that the reader gets the idea to create an image in his mind. This type of essay commonly used in creative writing classes to enhance students’ skills viably.

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A narrative essay usually tells some kind of story.  Narrative essays are of two types that is a short stories and book reports, if assignment writing service in australia are writing a short story all parts of the story are included such as the characters’ setting, and others. On the other hand, a book report should be informative so readers can easily comprehend the core purpose of the essay.


A persuasive essay is generally known as an argumentative essay. In this essay, the argument should be focused and the statement should be clear enough to comprehend. However, a persuasive essay is related to the expository essay and it is important to state that this considered essay also includes the opinion regarding the topic itself.