JUK 6N Din Rail Mounted Terminal Block Connector

These screw terminal blocks are mounted on 35mm DIN rails. They offer a various selection of connection methods and compliment the complete range of accessories. These types of terminal blocks are ideal for industrial power distribution equipment and control panel wiring applications.Get more news about Juk Rail Terminal,you can vist our website!
Products are available for all wire sizes and feature a strengthened clamping structure and vibration proof design to insure secure wiring.

For the reason that the outline from JUK 6N to JUK 10N are very similar,so the end cover and grouping separator can be used universally.
The internationally recognized screw connection meets the most stringent requirements and covers a wide area of application. For the most stringent requirements: the screw connection has also proven itself in the wiring of large conductor cross section

The JUK universal screw terminal block series has the typical features which are decisive for practical applications.
Made from engineering flame retardants nylon PA66 with brass screw metal.
With universal foot which can be installed on Din Rail NS 35.
It can connect two conductors with ease, even large conductor cross sections are not a problem.
Electric potential distribution can use fixed bridges in the terminal center or insertion bridges in the clamping space.
All types of accessories: End cover, End Stopper, Partition plate, marker trip, fixed bridge, insertion bridge, etc.