Catching a cough or cold is one of the most common concerns of a person with average or low immunity. We can try to be careful while we are eating or drinking anything so that our throat doesn't go soar, but we do need to have a simpler solution in the changing weathers so that we can take a preventive measure for that.

Earlier, we used to be dependent on medicines like cough syrup, tablets or heavy allopathic capsules, which were difficult to consume every time we went through any throat related issues. Nowadays, there are many easier options available for throat relief. We have things like chewable tablets or easy to make drinks and even cough strips which just melt in the mouth once we put it on our tongue and do the job easily without a hassle.

There can be multiple symptoms of a sore throat-:

  • Mild itchiness in the throat surface- causes us to have a bit of dry cough and uneasiness.
  • A muffled voice- We are sometimes not able to speak properly due to the throat not being able to function properly.
  • Swollen feeling in the throat- A person can have a swollen feeling in his throat surface, and swollen tonsils mostly cause that.
  • Painful throat- If someone is having difficulties swallowing food, they must have some scratched throat symptoms or even tonsil issues.
  • Throat infection is the most common infection in people with sensitive tonsils, if a person is having throat pain multiple times, it might be a sign of throat infection.

As long as all these symptoms are mild and not extreme, these can usually be cured by the easy to use cough strips and tablets for throat relief. Please keep in mind that if the throat is in severe pain or the symptoms are occurring for a longer period of time, like more than a week, please consult a doctor as it can be a serious infection

Suppose a person is conscious about his/her health. In that case, they should always consider using natural ingredients and not any harmful chemicals, which can even worsen the problem rather than solve it. Suppose we use allopathic medicines for a longer period of time. In that case, the chances are that the body can get habituated to be healed by medicines only, so we must try to find natural solutions for throat pain relief.

Some of the natural ingredients necessary for a cough relief medicine-:

  • Clove- For many years, clove has been used in many different cuisines during winters to keep the food healthy for the throat and nose. Earlier, people used to have cloves for cough related symptoms, and it is completely safe and harmless. It is the best natural ingredient to clear out any congestion and break down the mucus deposits in the nose or chest, which helps maintain a clear throat.
  • Ginger- It is a natural throat relief remedy used in many herbal and non-herbal teas during winters to keep the body heat intact and help fight any symptoms of cold and cough. Ginger also helps boost and support the body's immunity and hence is an essential ingredient.
  • Curcumin- It is a more rarely found but very effective compound taken from the plants of Curcuma longa species. These have been proven to be very helpful in respiratory infections issues and help clear out an uneasy or stuffy throat.
  • Liquorice- These are used as support in improving immunity as it contains multiple antioxidants.
  • Tulsi- One of the oldest and most effective remedies for cough and many issues related to immunity. It also contains antimicrobial properties, which makes it best to use during any kind of cold or cough, whether wet or dry.
  • Manuka honey is also a rare form of honey that has multiple benefits for a sore throat. This soothes down an itchy or dry throat and has many anti-bacterial properties as well.
  • Pudina- This natural ingredient is known for relieving asthma symptoms and is very effective to heal a sore throat.
  • Sweet Violet- This is a Europe based plant that has many soothing properties that help to cure a sore throat. This gives relief from stuffy nose and chest congestion as well.

If medicine can have these natural ingredients, then it is safe to use and can be very effective on a throat-related issue.