Soon 5 COVID-19 vaccines will be ready for kids older than 2 years. The Central Government has recently informed the Parliament about this in the winter session. These vaccines are Bharat Biotech's Covaxin, Cadila Healthcare's ZyCoV-D, Biological E's RBD, Serum Institute's Covovax and Johnson & Johnson Pvt Ltd's Ad 26COV.2S vaccine.

So, keep an eye on the dates published by the Government regarding covid vaccination for kids. Make sure your child gets vaccinated on time and gets all the necessary doses of the vaccine. After all, children and the elderly usually get more affected once they are infected by the coronavirus. The vaccine will help strengthen the immune system of your kid to fight the virus. Here is all you need to know about covid vaccination for children.

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Which Kids Should Get the Vaccination on Priority?

Covid vaccination should be a priority for the children who:

  • Have comorbidities
  • Are more likely to have complications once affected
  • Live with immunosuppressed individuals or cancer patients

Nevertheless, even if your child doesn't have any risk, you shouldn't delay their vaccination.

How Many Doses of a COVID-19 Vaccine Does a Kid Need?

The vaccines need to be administered to every child in 2 doses which will usually be 3-4 weeks apart. If you, for instance, visit a children's hospital in Brookefield, Bangalore, you can learn the interval between the doses from the hospital itself based on the pharma manufacturers guidelines.

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How Does Covid Vaccination for Children Work?

A vaccinated kid will develop antibodies that will help his/her body fight the infection better. So, even if the child is infected, he/she may not fall critically ill. The reaction is likely to be minimal. Also, once vaccinated, a child won't pose a risk to the ones around him/her. This is quite helpful, mainly in families comprising vulnerable members like the elderly, pregnant women and unwell people.

What is the Effectiveness of the Vaccine?

The effectiveness of covid vaccination for kids may range from 70% to 96% due to many factors. Based on the individual constitution, age and health of a child, the efficacy of a COVID-19 vaccine will vary from one kid to another.

Can the Vaccine Protect A Child for Life?

Each vaccine has a particular potency. The vaccine your kid receives is expected to protect him/her for up to a year. For continued protection, additional doses may be needed.

Can There Be Any Major Side Effects?

Usually, covid vaccination for kids will not cause any serious side effects. Immunised children may only feel a bit of soreness or pain in the injected area. Besides, there might be fatigue, headache, mild fever or flu-like symptoms. These signs should generally go away within 1 week. Else consider seeing the doctor.

How Much Will a Coronavirus Vaccine for Children Cost in India?

The Central Government will publish a directive stating the pricing of the COVID-19 vaccines. Ensure to check that.  

When it's time, consider getting your child vaccinated at a good children's hospital in Brookefield, Bangalore that abides by COVID-19 safety protocols and the Government-recommended pricing for vaccines.

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