Infertility across the globe is approximately 8-15%. And infertility in women was 1/3rd the cause of childlessness. An HSG test is the best solution at hand in such cases. The test is an X-ray done to get the shape of the fallopian tubes and the uterus of a woman having problems conceiving to get checked. The full form of the test is hysterosalpingography.

The HSG test will scan for any blockages, abnormal growths, shapes, and anything that does not seem normal and is preventing the woman from conceiving. The blocks can be there for any number of reasons. Sometimes there can be some inflammatory diseases of the pelvic region, previous surgery in the abdominal region, Asherman’s syndrome, endometriosis, or even fibroids of the uterus.

The role of the test is a major one. At one go, it may seem that the HSG Test is just a test to find out the possible reasons for infertility in the woman, but if seen carefully. The test has a huge role.

The HSG test procedure enables the uterus or the fallopian tube to flush out any blockages there if any, after the test is conducted. Sometimes there is a 30% increase in the chances of pregnancy after the test is performed. It acts as a therapy as well as a diagnostic test.

The perfect times to get the HSG Test procedure done are the first half of the menstrual cycle, or immediately after the periods are over. It is the right time because there are no chances of her conceiving. Ideally, it should be done before ovulation starts.

The method of applying hydrostatic pressure gave hope of conception in many women. HSG Test treatment was even found to be beneficial for women who did not have any blockages, but the cause of the inability to conceive was unexplained.

The HSG test procedure is not at all complicated, but sometimes women tend to feel scared and opt for anaesthesia. 

Before the test is to be conducted by IVF doctors in Chennai, the patients are given antibiotics and painkillers. In some cases, the patients opt to go for anaesthesia. These medicines give a good amount of relief to the patient.

The HSG Test treatment is absolutely simple, and the woman can go back home driving her own car right after the test is performed. It involves no complications at all. 

After the test results are performed by the radiology department, the IVF doctors in Hyderabad will discuss the results with the woman to proceed further.

If the fallopian tubes are blocked, then the IVF doctors in Hyderabad will suggest corrective surgery as a means of conception.

But the best part of the HSG Test treatment is that they are not very expensive. But the HSG Test cost in India can vary from state to state. 

This variation in the HSG Test cost in India depends on the state where it is to be performed. Most health insurance plans in India do not cover the test and infertility treatment costs. But there is still some hope because some plans do get it covered. 

Whatever may be the Fertility center in India, nothing can compare to the happiness that the procedure can give to childless couples. So it is worth the try.