One of the best features of Canon printers is their ability to scan to another computer or another location. Technical support specialists at Canon printers explain that the user must first install the printer. Then, the user can save the scanned documents to the correct format and place of their choosing.

Part 1: This section focuses on the Canon Printer's checking process

Connect the Canon printer and the computer:

  • To wirelessly complete this step, the user must use the display function on the Canon printer to connect to the same wireless network.
  • The computer must also be able to connect to the network.
  • For complete Wi-Fi setup instructions, a user must read the manual that came with the printer.
  • Installing the software on your computer is as easy as inserting the CD. Or, you can download it from the website. The instructions manual clearly explains how to do this.
  • Multi-function printers usually come with software that must be installed to allow the printer to communicate with Canon.
  • Last, but not least, test the Canon printer.

Prepare for the Scan

  • The professionals at Canon printer technical support phone number will ask the user to turn on both the Canon printer and the computer.
  • Take off the printer lid. Make sure the glass is clean. canon printer printing blank pages If the printer lid is clogged with dust, the user must clean it.
  • Canon printers can be equipped with a document feeder. This area should be free from any debris or dust. To see the direction of the paper to be loaded, look at the image at the feeder's top.
  • Place the front of the document you want to scan on the glass. As fully as possible, close the lid.

Scanning with a Canon Printer

  • Keep an eye out for applications.
  • Next, click on the tab that indicates "scan" or choose the scanner from the list.
  • The user must choose the type of document that they want to scan, and in what resolution and format.
  • Use the browser to quickly select where you want your scanning process saved.
  • Right at the bottom, click on the "Scan Or Preview" button.

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Canon Printers can convert any electronic image into a hard copy. Printer problems aren't new. When a printer is connected to a computer, the most common problem is that the operating system can't recognize the driver of the printer. This is because the printer driver is not fully installed. The operating system also ignores the driver because files are missing. These issues can easily be resolved by following a simple process. You should seek technical assistance from Canon Printer technical support if you do not have any knowledge about Canon printers.

What exactly is the job of the Canon Printer Driver?

The driver acts as a messenger. It collects the instructions and orders the printer to print pages. Multiple instructions can be sent simultaneously, which leads to multiple printouts. If the driver fails to follow instructions, the best thing is to contact the Canon Printer customer service number.

The unusual behavior of Canon Printer Driver

The unusual behavior can be linked to driver configuration not being executed via a proper channel. Sometimes, the operating system and the driver may not match. This could mean that the driver is incompatible with the operating system. The driver may be compatible but not properly registered in the Windows directory. The driver may also have been corrupted by a Trojan virus or other suspicious viruses. For more information on how to combat the virus, contact the technical support number for Canon Printer.