Metal flakes appear on the edge of OEM Aluminum Die Castings, which we call flash. Let's analyze it for you.


1. The clamping force of the machine was poorly adjusted before injection.

2. The die and slide block are damaged and the locking element is invalid.

3. Wear of mold inserts and sliders.

4. The mold is not strong enough to cause deformation.

5. Sundries on the parting surface have not been cleaned up.

6. The projection area calculation is incorrect and exceeds the clamping force.

7. The injection speed is too high, resulting in too high a pressure impact peak.


1. Check the clamping force or pressurization, and adjust the injection pressurization mechanism to reduce the peak value of injection pressurization.

2. Check the damage degree of the die slide block and trim it to ensure that the locking element works.

3. Check the wear and repair.

4. Calculate the die strength correctly.

5. Remove debris from parting surface.

6. Correctly calculate and adjust the clamping force.

7. Adjust the injection speed appropriately.

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