A child is always taught that hard work has no substitute in life and if you want to become something in life education is very important. We are not going to deny any of the above statements, but we would just add something to it. As important it is to get an education in life, it is equally important to get experience in life. If you want to build a career you can start taking part in extracurricular activities and also become part of organizations that are doing good work for the community.

One such person is Drew Cheskin Miami at the University of Miami. He is currently pursuing B.S. in Communication in Motion Pictures Production.

The one thing that you can take from Drew Cheskin Miami is that he is focused on his studies as well as participates in various other activities. He has helped organize a blood and plasma donation drive during the spring of 2021 to help COVID patients. He helped organize this drive with OneBlood and a UMPD Sergeant. With the help of this drive, numerous lives were helped. Drew Cheskin Miami also has been a part of various other organizations and activities.

He participated as a camp counselor in Miami Children’s Theatre where he was responsible for supervising kids between the ages of 6 and 11. He was a mentor at Shake-A-Leg Miami, a dog walker, a busser at a local restaurant, and more. He was also a note taker who volunteered to take notes and upload them for the students who needed the help.

While taking part in these activities Drew Cheskin Miami never loses sight of his studies. He made sure that participating in different activities does not cause trouble with his studies. Along the way, he has learned and gained expertise in Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and more.

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